Introducing Tobor

We're Proud To Announce Tobor

We plan to launch a campaign on Crowd Supply in the coming weeks.

Tobor Specifications

  • ESP32 microcontroller with 4MB spiram
  • Runs Micropython
  • 3 DRV8825 stepper motor drivers
  • 2 AS5048B 14-bit absolute encoders
    • each with neopixel ring
    • allows for low/ no motion homing
    • collaborative programming
  • CNC controller powered by Fluid NC with dedicated FTDI and reset switch
  • Micro-sd slot
  • Wifi enabled
  • Canbus interface
  • 24V power supply included

Compatible With All Edge Boards

Extend the capabilities of your robot with all Edge Boards.
Add sensors, lights, actuators and more to increase the capabilities of your robot.
Create custom toolheads and more.

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