Our First 10 Arms Completed!

We have our first 10 Robotic Arms completed and are ready to ship

It's been a long journey, but we will never be willing to settle. Through countless iterations we are finally happy to announce and make available, what we know will be some of the most capable robots ever.

What Are They? Why is the Price So Low?

The goal has always been to create the most capable robotic arms and the most competitive prices. And while these arms are amazing and can do all the things we've posted on our youtube channel the price point was still dramatically higher than we were hoping for.

Finish what you started. We are finally offering these now to get them in the hands of people who want to play with amazing robots and to take part in our journey

The price is set basically at materials cost. In every way the manufacture of our first batch would be considered a complete financial loss. This sale is less an attempt to recover costs as getting hardware into the hands of people because we're now at a point where we're ready to take the next steps and have a software and hardware stack that is exciting enough to share. All funds received will be directed toward more development and getting more people involved.

What we're offering

With your purchase you will receive one beta robot arm immediately and another of our (still to be named) robotic arms that will be featured in an upcoming Crowd Supply crowdfunding campaign. Your delivery will be either still during the campaign or on of the first deliveries just after. The later time is a decision made more by you than a requirement.

We also have a Ton of products in development and you will be on the short list to try new products and have more say on the direction of new development.

Built Like a Brick Sh*tHouse

These first arms are extremely overbuilt in many ways. They each weigh over 50 pounds and are very capable. With that said further development on this style arm will be halted.

Electronics and software used to run these arms is the same software that will be in the next generation arms and will be compatible with all electronics we have yet to release.

  • ESP32 microcontroller with 4MB spiram
  • Runs Micropython
  • 3 DRV8825 stepper motor drivers
  • 2 AS5048B 14-bit absolute encoders
    • each with neopixel ring
    • allows for low/ no motion homing
    • collaborative programming
  • CNC controller powered by Fluid NC with dedicated FTDI and reset switch
  • Micro-sd slot
  • Wifi enabled
  • Canbus interface
  • 24V power supply included

Compatible With All Edge Boards

Extend the capabilities of your robot with all Edge Boards.
Add sensors, lights, actuators and more to increase the capabilities of your robot.
Create custom toolheads and more.

Order Now!

We only have a limited quantity and when they're gone they're gone, so don't wait.

These arms are ready to be boxed up and sent out. Depending on where you are you should be able to receive it before Christmas. Get the perfect gift for those that are hard to buy for!

1 Alpha Arm with FTDI board and all required
1 Preorder Of Tobor Robotic - delivery expected Q2 2024
Shipping included - contiguous US only. Thank you
I know that we don't have much to offer at the moment, but it's our intent that if you like playing this game with us, the fact that you were an early supporter will not go unnoticed.


Why don't you have a proper store?

MVPs are like that. We have a storefront in development, but our future needs warrant a custom approach and with only one product we would rather focus our efforts on furthering the rest of the software stack to advance user experience.

Thank you for understanding.