Evezor Open Source Robotic Arm

Evezor is an Open Source SCARA Class Robotic Arm That Can Help You Make Just About Anything, From Prototype To Production.

bloody mary made by evezor open source robotic arm Evezor Robotic Arms will Make Cocktails, Assemble PCBs, 3D Print, Cut Metal, Laser Engrave, Draw Art, Pick and Place and much more!
Powered by Raspberry Pi, and open source software and hardware, Evezor is the most hackable robotic arm there is.
With an open toolhead platform you can automate almost any hand tool



Make Your Thing
At Scale

strobelapse Quality check of 8 laser engraved coasters

Automated Production of 200 Unique Coasters

See The Project Page for this job’s Source Files

We’ve Created Over 3o Complete Projects By Now

3D PrintingPlasma CuttingVacuum Pick and Place
Mass ProductionPCB MillingHot Wire Foam Cutting
Pen PlottingMarker Art3D Contour Milling
Wood MillingLetter WritingBloody Mary Making
WeldingBeer PouringCollaborative Programming
PCB AssemblyLaser CuttingLaser Engraving
Cake DecoratingGlass EtchingVinyl Cutting

And More.. See our projects on our Blog

In our current manufacturing landscape we’ve had no good options.

evezor manufacturing comparison chart comparison chart

How Evezor Can Help You

The Evezor Option: Now with one tool you really can have it all. With Evezor robotic arm you have the ability to create your first prototype. With a wide array of toolheads you can create almost anything. Then seamlessly move into production. And with our quality control features you retain all the oversight and peace of mind that comes with doing the job yourself.
Evezor is there for you from your first prototype to your millionth widget.

Photo of the evezor open source robotic arm and the projects created by evezor robotic arm

We Are Open Source

We Share Our Source Code

We Share Our Design Files

We Give You All The Information On How To Use Them

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We are Evezor, we hope you will join us.  We also hope you like what we’re doing. If so consider supporting us! donate button